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About the Author

Howard Fox is a business coach, LinkedIn expert, sought after speaker, recovering information technology (IT) business consultant, host of Your Success Path “Live” (a live-stream interview show on Facebook), and founder of Fox Coaching, Inc. Howard coaches business owners and entrepreneurs, managers, and teams to lead, motivate, and inspire others. He also has a knack for helping busy professionals learn to use LinkedIn as a professional branding tool to keep in touch with their current connections, and to attract their ideal clients and customers. Howard holds an MA in Organization Development and Leadership from Fielding Graduate U.  He is also a graduate of Fielding’s Accredited Coach Training Program.  He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology and a graduate degree in Public Administration from Wayne State University. Howard lives in Chicago, IL. He is an avid traveler, photographer, and loves to cook for friends.

What others are saying about Your Path to Business Success ...

Steven Steinfeld

This book contains an impressive collection of success and leadership perspectives that can assist the development of an up-and-coming leaders’ self-awareness, relationship management skills, and the creation of high performance teams. Highly recommended for all current and future leaders.

Steven Steinfeld
President, Executive to Executive Coaching, Inc.


Virgil Beasley

Your Path to Business Success is a Results Proven Playbook realized from the experience of the best of the best successful leaders? Howard is a masterful coach and acclaimed podcast & Facebook Live host that that has invited numerous successful entrepreneurs to share their formulas for winning the game of business.

Virgil Beasley, Psy.D.      

Sheryl Bernstein

As an entrepreneur on this long journey, I really loved hearing other entrepreneurs speak about their successes…and their failures. It was comforting to hear that the big wins can happen, especially from others who have walked the path…even if just 5 minutes ahead of me!  Great stuff Howard!

Sheryl Bernstein, Clarity Muse


Angelos Derlopux

Howard Fox is an accomplished Leadership Coach who has embraced Internet Radio & Live Streaming to assemble an assortment of Leadership perspectives from world-class entrepreneurs. This would not have been so successful if Howard did not have the academic background, the professional experience, the character, the network and the desire to travel far outside his comfort zone. This is an invitation for us to do the same in order to experience the future we want to live. Great idea, brilliantly implemented.

Angelos Derlopas, MSc, PCC
Positivity Coaching, President, ICF Greece


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